PEGA Partner

As a Pega Silver Partner we help you build solid robust, reusable & high performing BPM and CRM solutions.

Strategic locations across the globe.

Global Presence is Global Competitive Advantage.

Our Mission

To understand and analyse our clients Business needs and plan, execute, deliver strategic BPM and CRM solutions that will transform their Business processes for ever.

Our commitment to quality services

Ruletronics has been successfully awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification

Ruletronics decision to become ISO 9001:2015 certified is a proactive one that not only anticipates the demands of our customers, but also demonstrates a commitment to providing quality services to all our customers.
To become ISO 9001:2015 certified, we underwent a stringent evaluation process over the last few months, that included Quality Management System development, scrutiny of software solution delivery process, risk and issue management, a management system documentation review, and clearance of non-conformances post initial review.


Client impact: Nurturing audacious innovation

Customer success is our success. Understanding our customer's strategies and business models in detail enables us to incorporate their inputs quickly into our IT Solutions offerings.

Our Clients

  • Clients - PEGA
  • Client - HSBC
  • Client - AA Insurance
  • Client - LinkedAsset Services
  • Client - OCBC Bank
  • Client - ePragati
  • Client - Galaxe
  • Client - Sedgwick